Contracts awarded for improvements on 2 bridges

H.B. Elkins

H.B. Elkins

Estill is part of four counties to be involved in highway projects.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has awarded two contracts totaling nearly $267,000 for highway projects in Owsley, Estill, Breathitt and Magoffin Counties within the Department of Highways District 10.

According to a press release sent last week, “contracts awarded as part of the May 2012 letting are a $239,290 contract for repairs to expansion joints on bridges on KY 15 and KY 2472 in Breathitt County, KY 1571 in Estill County and KY 1081 in Magoffin County. The project is to be completed by Nov. 15. The Breathitt bridge projects will each take 10 days, and the Estill and Magoffin bridge projects will each take 15 days.”

In Estill County the project is being done on a bridge that stretches over Miller’s Creek near the intersection of KY 1398 and Pryse Road.

H.B. Elkins, public information officer of Department of Highways District 10, said the concrete bridge was built in the 1980s and has had no major repairs since.

The bridge was initially built to replace a one-lane steel trust bridge with a wooden deck that flooded frequently.

As part of this project, the expansion joints of the new concrete bridge will be repaired.

There is also work being done on a second bridge on KY 1571. The contract for this bridge was awarded in January. This bridge is farther east on Ky 1571 and also crosses Miller’s Creek.

The contract for the second bridge is for deck restoration at a cost of $177,846.60.

There is no estimated start date for the projects in Estill County.

Elkins said the contractors are allowed to decide when the project would begin. Once started, the project on the first bridge must be completed in 15 days the second must be completed in 30 days. All projects must also be completed before November 15.

While there may be some lane closures and delays during construction, there shouldn’t be any complete closures at the bridge, Elkins said.