Anonymous tip leads to arrest of three people for allegedly manufacturing meth

An anonymous tip to Kentucky State Police Post 7 in Richmond last week resulted in the arrests of three Estill County people.

Gary L. Satterfield, 43,  and his girlfriend Kimberly Ann Coomer, 37, were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, and Cheree Atkins of Berea was charged with complicity to manufacturing methamphetamine after KSP Troopers went to Satterfield’s home at 1046 Red Lick Road to investigate the tip.

KSP Trooper Charles Bowman said somebody called the post after they smelled a strong chemical odor coming from  Satterfield’s trailer. Bowman said when he went to check it out, he had no doubt about what the odor was.

“I’ve been around it many times over the course of my career and recognized it immediately,” he said. “Once you have smelled meth cooking you don’t forget it.”

Bowman said police found “cooks” occurring in both the trailer and an adjacent outbuilding.

“We could smell it outside, but it was real strong when  Coomer opened the door, after we knocked,” Bowman said.

He said there was nobody in the outbuilding and it was locked.

“Part of the cook process was going on in the locked outbuilding. Once the process is started you don’t have to stay with it. You can just leave it until it is done,” he explained.

Bowman said they didn’t find any finished product, but discovered all the precursors needed to make it and the couple was in the process of making it. A sample was sent to the state police lab for confirmation.

Satterfield, Coomer and Atkins were lodged in the Estill County Jail where their bail was set at $15,000. They were arraigned in Estill District Court Friday where they both pleaded not guilty.


The Kentucky State Police arrested Timothy G. Puckett, 22, of Armour Street on Monday, March 1 and charged him with trafficking in controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, prescription not in proper container and public intoxication, controlled substance excluding alcohol.

The uniform citation witnessed by Det. Brian Reeder stated that he and another trooper were investigating an unrelated case when they came in contact with Puckett.

The report stated Puckett attempted to discard a bottle that contained Xanax, Percoset and other unidentified pills.

He was lodged in the Estill County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.


KSP Trooper D. Foley arrested Jeffrey Marcum, 35,  of Waco on a warrant. His report states that Marcum was taken to the Estill County Jail where he removed a baggie from his pocket which contained a white powder. The report states Marcum told the trooper it was “meth” and that he had forgotten he had it in his pocket.

It also states he admitted to “doing a line” earlier in the evening.

He was charged with possession of controlled substance, promoting contraband and public intoxication, controlled substance, excludes alcohol.



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